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When's my bike gonna be done?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

I took my daughter to get a tattoo on her 18th birthday yesterday. A super cool right of passage to be able to do with your now adult kid. Her artist was named Josh and we had great conversation with him, a really witty and funny dude who happens to like vintage motorcycles too. We were chatting about being a creative and how the process can be stumped by clients that are in a hurry or don't understand the cost of owning custom, creative work...whether it's on your body, on your wall or you're riding it. Ultimately we agreed, you don't want me to create for you in a hurry.

Never Ending Cycles was born out of the original Covid-19 shutdown. It was a hobby to pass time that a power much bigger than us had different intentions for. Since summer of 2020, NEC went from 4 bikes sold to now 30 U.S. and Canada wide.

IN LESS THAN TWO YEARS our business went from a side hustle to pass time and drink whiskey in the garage to pressure for deadlines, powder coating all our own bits, selling parts, going to shows, meeting and growing our amazing community. We truly could not have planned for this kind of growth, but you don't kick a gift horse in the mouth, you ride that thing!

Our first builds were really cool cafe racers and scramblers, that got a little sexier each time. As we grew and people wanted more of what we were already doing, Ben made a promise to himself and our clients that no two bikes would ever look the same. And, if people were riding vintage motorcycles that they would have to have upgraded electrical systems that would keep these machines on the road. What's so great about a gorgeous bike if it's collecting dust in your garage? We've learned this by trial and error. Jess is a new rider and had a few moments of calling Ben from the side of the road and we knew that many of our customers would be new riders too. Our NECtech electronic motorcycle system has been a game changer. As a matter of fact, we have had two bikes come back to us for this system upgrade!

So here's the deal, we know you want your bike. We want you to have it too! We pour countless hours into just the design, never mind the actual build process. There is barely a moment in a day that we are not thinking about, talking about or actually building. There are no days off...ever...even when we travel. We constantly have to remind ourselves that we're fun dealers, not life saving surgeons. You're paying good money to have a one of a kind, head turning, ridable piece of art. You DO NOT want us to build it in a hurry, that would mean cutting corners and that will never be who we are as a company. We are getting better every single day, but we are a 1 man show (and one woman wearing about 20 different hats) doing our very best to give you the very best build. You may have to wait a little, but one thing we know is when you get on the bike, start it up and roll on the throttle, you won't remember or give a damn that you waited for that show stopper!

Stay tuned on IG for the post of your bike on that table, you're going to feel like a little kid on Christmas!

Thanks for trusting in us!

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