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Don't Procrastinate...Spring Ahead!

The groundhog did not see his shadow this year which means we have been pleasantly surprised with an early riding season! We're not mad! Before you bring the 'ole girl out of the stable, there are a few things you may want to take a look at.

We suggest as well as offer a full spring motorcycle maintenance service which includes:

  1. Take a gander

  • Look for leaks

  • Check for loose hardware

  • Lube fittings and pivot points

  • Look for signs of wear

  • Check your electrics

  1. Battery

  • Check your fuses if you have them

  • Check the voltage...12.5V minimum

  • What's the age of it? No more that 5 years

  1. Tires and wheels

  • Tread depth...minimum 2/32"

  • Again, what's the age? Max should be 10 years

  • Look for cracks and dry rot

  • Inspect the bearings

  1. Final drive

  • Clean and lubricate the chain

  • Inspect the belt if applicable

  • Adjust alignment and tension

  1. Brakes

  • Check pad thickness

  • Inspect the brake line condition

  • Replace brake fluid if discolored or every 2 years

  • Check rotors for glazing, warping or scoring

  1. Fluids

  • Replace coolant every 2 years, or if discolored

  • Check primary/transmission/final drive gear if applicable.

  • Change oil/filter

  1. Filters

  • Inspect air and fuel filters

  • Check petcock function

  • Repack muffler (if applicable)

  1. Controls

  • Lubricate control cables/adjust any free play

  • Adjust/tighten mirrors

  • Adjust/tighten shifter and brake pedal

  1. FINALLY....

  • Check tire pressure

  • Give it some fresh fuel


Don't wait! Get on it now so when the weather allows you'll be riding instead of pining! If you don't feel confident doing these things yourself, give us a call for a quote. We offer a full line of service, fabrication, tires and powder coating! And if you have some creative ideas you want to see on your bike, we'd love to put your dreams into action!

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