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Snags Suck

You know what is worse than waiting patiently for your custom bike to be finished? Learning that we've hit a snag with your bike. It's the worst not only for the client, but for us too.

Jess loves Fixer Upper on HGTV. This iconic home remodeling show based in Waco, TX is never without a curveball episode. Joanna has her design plan ready to take action, the budget is set and Chip announces that before the dream bathroom can go in, the house has to be mud-jacked and termites have eaten the subfloor. Chip and Joanna can't eat the cost of unforeseen issues and the project can't move forward until it's fixed.

The same happens with vintage motorcycle building. It doesn't matter how beautiful the bike looks, if it doesn't run well it is a pointless use of your money and our time. We wish that we knew what surprises a 45 year old machine is going to toss our way, but truly we don't. Also, you may live across the country from us so it's not like you can just cruise back over and let us address the issues.

The unfortunate truth about us finding an issue with a bike is that it sets back the entire line up. If it takes us an extra 2 weeks to repair the issue, that is another 2 weeks someone else is waiting for their project to start. We typically have 5-6 projects and repair jobs going on at once so the trickle down effect delays us more than one might think.

One of our clients, who has been more than patiently waiting for over two years, has finally been nearing the end of his project and so excited to get his Honda CB550. We can't wait for him to get it as well, it is a sexy bike! Ben got it all wired up to fire up and the engine was stuck. Now we have to wait for parts so we can get the bike running. Once it's repaired, there are several shakedown rides to happen to fine tune this black and chrome beauty and get her road worthy. More time, more waiting...for everyone.

The moral of the story, whether we're building your bike, you are or someone else, vintage bikes are full of surprises so plan ahead that curveballs happen. Know that you are never the only one waiting, our process is not a quick one and that's the way you want it. And lastly, prepare yourself for when your bike is finished. Have a service manual, find a local shop to help and keep Ben on speed dial.

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