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Road Shoes

Ben and Jess are kind of obsessed with footwear (not feet!) and just how the right shoes or boots make an outfit so does a new pair of shoes on a motorcycle. Whether the bike tire is knobby, fat or classic street, the right motorcycle tires makes the look of a bike! And more importantly, we want safe bikes on the road.

At the dawn of Never Ending Cycles we took our motorcycle tires to other bike and ATV shops and paid someone else to do the mounting for us. Then a dear frie

nd and fellow builder taught Ben how to do the process himself and offered his machinery to use. He lives 45 minutes away from us so tire mounting had to be strategically planned into our crazy build and repair schedule. It has been an invaluable skill for Ben to learn as we can save so much time and money doing them ourselves.

In mid July of this year we took the plunge and purchased our own tire mounting machine and balancer. We are thrilled to be able to offer motorcycle tire services to all of our clients now, not just our builds. We offer tires from Dunlop, Shinko, Firestone, Michelin and more! We have one requirement and that is that our clients purchase tires through us for guarantee reasons. We have some of the best pricing around!

And if you really want to update the look of your motorcycle we offer in house wheel powder coating. Power comes in thousands of colors and it is a cost effective and limitless way to create the look you desire on your motorcycle or scooter!

Give us a call today for a consultation and let us find you the best new shoes for your bike!

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