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It's important to remember that your bike is OLD. Please invest in a service manual for the year, make and model of your motorcycle. We also stand behind every bike we deliver so do not hesitate to call Ben to trouble shoot any issues. We will stand behind issues that fall under the building of your bike. However, maintenance and unforeseen mechanical issues from owning a vintage vehicle are your responsibility. We will always guide you through that process.  



We have a one year warranty for all products in our store. Before returning an article, please make sure that there actually is a defect. Please check the information in the manual. Should that not help, you can email us for support below.

Please attach a copy of the invoice with date with the form. If no invoice is included, these products will be treated as out of warranty! If you send us devices without invoice or outside the warranty period, your product will be returned to you as is.

If there is a fault caused by the manufacturer and your receipt proves valid warranty conditions, we will usually replace or repair the product free of charge. If the Product is not defective but the malfunction is caused by wrong handling, wiring again your damaged product will be returned as is.

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