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The Team: Meet the Team

Ben Schattschneider

Owner. Founder. Fabricator. Rider.

The true custom motorcycle fabricator. Ben's love of bikes goes back decades. But there comes a time when one cannot sit back and buy a bike any longer. One must build... fabricate, scrape knuckles, fail...and fail again...learn and arise with something reborn. Having given new life to an old machine.  Ben has found his true calling in crafting amazing custom vintage motorcycles in his garage in Wisconsin.

Build. Ride. Enjoy. Repeat.

Never Ending Cycles.

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The nuts and bolts guy. Problem Solver. Learner.

Brett grew up on all things recreational...snowmobiles, boats and his first dirt bike around age 10. This year he will have achieved riding 30,000 miles in the last 3 years. His passion for motorcycles literally rode him out to NEC in summer of 2023 to inquire about employment. With a background in automotive parts, he has quickly picked up new skills and leads many of our service projects. Brett loves learning how things were made and how they work. He quickly finds solutions to the troubleshooting in our service department with his desire to learn and grow. 


Motorcycle guru. Collector of cool bikes. Dirt bike racer.

Rob came to NEC after inviting Ben to come and see his 20+ cool bikes which then became his name to us. He's been hanging out ever since, twisting wrenches and sharing his plethora of incredible stories of riding the track, the country and meeting the craziest of people. A former machinist, Rob is meticulous with carb cleaning. He loves to teach what he knows and as our resident "seasoned guy", he's also not afraid to still learn a thing or two. 


Jess Schattschneider

Partner. Marketer. Dreamer. Rider.

Jess grew up in a garage with her dad, stealing metal flake and Hot Rod magazines. Always a lover of all things vintage and custom, she has a great eye for design and color from many years as a hair and make up artist. Jess consults on many bike designs, color schemes especially. She has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 20 years and is always dreaming of the next phase of Never Ending Cycles. Jess learned to ride while she and Ben built her KZ400 together. Although new to riding, everything about the vintage motorcycle world feels like home.  

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