Why the X21?

"I found you guys while searching for an M-Unit alternative."

Well sweet! That's how we found NWT Cycletronics too! After several builds of soldering old wiring harnesses to new electronic components, I wasn't sure that luck was going to be enough to keep the old and the new wires married together once these guys were hitting the throttle. A customer who had built some of his own stuff too told me about NWT so I tried it out myself. I HATE WIRING! Yes, as a pro builder when it comes to wiring I feel a lot like Neo from the Matrix..."should I take the blue pill or the red pill?"

Once I started installing the Morty units on our vintage builds, my confidence in the performance for my customers grew and my job became much easier. Sure, I could have used the LMNOP-Unit, but the Morty came with switches and was almost half the price without needing to add all the other crap needed to make the other guys unit work. And when I got unlimited emails, texts and even phone calls from the manufacturer to trouble shoot my lack of knowledge and several fried units, NO BRAINER!

Now we get to bring you the X21 in three different styles. They replace the Morty Unit I was using and they're even better! Keep your eyes on us to watch for many more product launches to keep your vintage motorcycle riding with the newest technology!

Don't misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with Zee Unit. And if brand names are important to you great, but when getting all of my motorcycle electronic wiring components, I want value, ease, one stop shop and tech support. Our partnership with NWT Cycletronics will give you just that!

Give us a shout on Instagram @never_ending_cycles123 and let us see what your building!

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