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Mama Tried Motorcycle Show MKE...the best party in Milwaukee!

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Milwaukee is rich in history in many ways, and one of the! Our first year at Mama Tried Motorcycle Motorcycle Show MKE was in 2022. People were starting to venture out for the first time into public events after being locked up from the pandemic and it felt amazing to be out amongst the living! Since then it has become one of the top highlights for us of each year and 2024 will be no different.

There are a few things that make it the highlight of the year. One is that it's always in February when the winter doldrums have taken over and it's refreshing to think about bikes being back on the road and wind in our hair. Another is the venue... the gorgeous wood floors and gilded ceilings of the gothic design of the Eagles Ball Room, contrasted by even more beautiful custom motorcycles. It really is something to see!

Probably the biggest highlight however is the people! We have discovered that there are bikers, and then there are motorcycle enthusiasts. At Mama Tried there are no shortage of enthusiasts! People who love to ride and love the culture whether they are on a 1945 Panhead chopper or a 1975 BMW Cafe Racer.

The Mama Tried crowd aren't shy about their passion. As the owners of Never Ending Cycles we are always looking to learn and grow in our trade and we leave each year from MT with new ideas our friends have shared with us and new resources to make everything we do better. It's refreshing to be part of a collective of people that don't feel the need to be better than anyone other than yesterday's version of themselves.

The weekend kicks off with Flat Out Friday at the Fiserv sponsored by Harley Davidson. This flat track race is buzzing with all types of bikes and riders. From little kids to boonie bikes, the entertainment is non-stop! The weekend is also sponsored by several area bars, restaurants and hotels so there is no shortage of parties to hop to and from. Then Saturday and Sunday you can browse over 100 custom bikes of all makes, models and sizes in their glory under the lights of the ballroom.

The first bike we submitted to Mama Tried was Jess' 1974 Kawasaki KZ400 cafe racer. It's a head turner with it's Nardo grey tank contrasted with brown leather tank strap and seat with pops of bronze chrome. It's knobby tires and black frame and engine give it a meaty stance with elegance of the color schematic.

1974 Kawasaki KZ400 Cafe "The Italian Job"

In 2023 we brought "The Graduate", a 1975 Honda CB400 Supersport. The Supersport's 2nd motorcycle show, it continued to turn heads and command attention. The colors are a bit Americana in a subtle way and although quite sporty, has a gentleman's look with the classic vintage style Firestone Tires.

1975 Honda CB400 SuperSport "The Graduate"

Already accepted for 2024 is "The Choppa". This is a first for Never Ending Cycles, straying from our usual cafe builds. This chopper/bobber has a sexy stance and an unusual blend of patina and glitz. The other new thing we're bringing to MT is that Ben and Jess are building this one along with the help of Kenny, a new addition to the NEC team. She will be staying local when she's done, going to the third female client build. Stay tuned to see her completion.

"The Choppa" 1970s Yamaha XS650 chopper/bobber in progress for this year's show

Mama Tried has a rich history and is put together by some of the greatest in the industry. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to stay up to speed on 2024's show and for some great content!

We'll see you there!

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