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The Powdered Touch

Early in our business...back when we built one bike a time, Ben started to have wheels and a few bits powder coated by a local guy we came across. We realized that powder coating was a longer lasting finish for parts that take a lot of wear and tear. Our guy Tom always delivered excellent work and we loved the thousands of colors we got to choose from. Eventually Ben decided he could teach himself and save time as well as add more powdered pieces to our builds and then taught Jess how to do it as well. It's truly one of our favorite parts of what we do.

When we moved into our new shop we invested in building a 4x4x6' oven so that we could also powder coat frames, car wheels and more. It's been a great addition to our business and we take a lot of pride in it!

Here's a little look at the process...

Step 1. Media blast the piece. Media blasting is a crucial step for a great finish. This will remove old paint, greasy debris, and etches the material, including chrome so the powder can stick.

Engine cooling fan blade for Porsche 911

Step 2. Off gassing. Most parts we're dealing with have impurities from forging as well as have been exposed to petroleum products. These things can cause a pocking effect in the finished product. To avoid this, we pre bake the components to 450 degrees (depending on powder curing temps) for 10 minutes or so. Then they cool before applying the powder.

Step 3. Applying the powder. Powder coat is a dry polyester powder that adheres to metal from a static electric charge. There are literally thousands of color choices to pick from. At NEC we almost primarily use Prismatic Powders and are a qualified applicator for their company.

Step 5. Bake. Once the powder is applied the piece(s) make their way to the oven again where they bake at 350-450 depending on curing instructions of the color. The powder begins to flow out fairly quickly and once the part itself has reached the required temp, it bakes for about 10 minutes.

Step 6. Cool. Once the newly powder coated parts come out of the oven, they cool for a few minutes and are cured instantly. The entire process can be done in a couple of hours depending on the project.

So what can we powder coat?

We have done cases, wheels, handlebars and other bits from about every motorcycle make and model of all ages. We can powder parts from your car or truck engine or wheels. We have even had a request for an industrial pipe towel bar. There's really no limit on metal or glass that can reach heats of 400 or more!

What will it cost me?

That will depend on the job. Typically a set of motorcycle wheels is about $200 for a reference. Rather than an hourly rate, much of the price is determined by the amount of preparation it needs prior to powdering and whether is required multiple coats per the finish. It's best to call us or stop in for an estimate.

For more information on the process and colors available, visit our Prismatic site at

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