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Swipe Left or Right?

So you want to build a vintage motorcycle. You've been scrolling Insta looking at all that bike porn and have all kinds of ideas saved. You might have your dad's bike that you've been dreaming of, that Yamaha XS650 that sat in his garage since you were a kid. Or maybe you're not sure, but figure a good barn find will come along.

We have grown fast and furious, but in our short 3 years we've built 70s Kawasaki's, Yamahas, a couple Harley's, about every Honda CB model made and many BMW R series. But how do you know if we're the right builder for you?

Here we have it in Tinder terms for you...


  • If you want a one of a kind, rideable piece of art. We are not plagiarists and refuse to make a carbon copy of a bike that's already been built. We're happy to look at your inspiration pics, but refuse to mimic them!

  • You understand that a custom vintage motorcycle has many one offs and surprises along the build process. Think Chip and Joanna Gaines and the rotten floor joist that wasn't expected until they dug for a new master bath add on.

  • You're patient and know that waiting for your personalized ride is totally worth the wait. YOU WANT US TO TAKE OUR TIME! We pride ourselves in giving full attention to the project in front of us. We pay attention to the smallest details you would have never thought off.

  • You appreciate an artist's opinions and respect their creative process.

  • You like to have people stare at you on your custom vintage bike and get talked about...because it's that freakin' cool! Just ask some of our clients!


  • You are a micro-manager. We're totally cool with you checking in from time to time. It's your money and your dream so we totally get it! If you want weekly blow by blows, sorry it just isn't going to happen. We have so many irons in the fire and some weeks your project will have all of our attention and some weeks we'll be focused on powder coat orders and service calls.

  • You don't have mechanical abilities or someone who has them for you. A vintage bike requires attention and tweaks from time to time. You are not buying a brand new off-the-lot motorcycle! Be prepared to buy the service manual of your year, make and model and check things from time to time.

  • You have trust issues. I mean, who doesn't have them to some extent? You will receive a contract from us that protects each of us. You will see pictures and videos of your bike once we have started the process.

  • You aren't willing to give some creative freedom. You will choose the tank color, basic theme, seat and give a lot of input. However, you have to trust us to choose some the things that we know will enhance the overall aesthetic of the motorcycle.

  • You're in a hurry. We have about a one year waiting period at this point. Sometimes it's a year and a half. It's worth the wait to have a custom vintage motorcycle that no one else on the planet has! Once you're on that beauty, be prepared to turn heads and get a lot of attention!

  • You have a concrete budget. Again, things come up. We may suggest an can tell us no. But, most of our clients love our input. Champagne tastes on a beer budget will create a lot of frustration for both you and us.

So now perhaps we've scared you off, that's ok. Or, you've decided that you've always gone against the grain and like to stand out in the crowd a bit. LEFT OR RIGHT? Up to you and either is ok with us! Maybe we're an acquired taste...people love us or they don't, we're good with that.

Life is short, build the bike!

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