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NECtech what?

So what’s the story on NECtech? Never Ending Cycles Technology. Isn’t that just someone else’s product with your label?

We see how someone could see that. And honestly we have a manufacturer that makes a fantastic product for vintage motorcycle electronics.

What we needed at Never Ending Cycles was a bit of freedom. First, we wanted to be able to design an important feature that we were being asked for by consumers. Rather than every NECtech system hub coming with switches, our clients now have the opportunity to choose one with switches or a pigtailed unit that can connect to almost any 3 button momentary push style switches. So, you want those shiny switches from Fancy Bike Dot Com…go for it! We’ve got you wired!

We also needed to diversify our time and yours by allowing retailers to carry our products. We know that it’s incredibly convenient to get everything you need for your bike project at one spot. So now, you can visit Dime City Cycles or Sane Motion Moto and choose the right NECtech System for your custom vintage motorcycle AND get lights, grips, brackets, etc! Plus, you’ll still have access to the easiest wiring diagram you’ve ever laid eyes on!

Lastly, we were expected to not build bikes anymore in the business model we were part of. We can’t do that! For several reasons… First, we have 20 clients in queue with more inquiries every week.

Second, we believe in relevancy. We know that the best way for you to learn how to wire your bike is to watch us do it! Ben has installed new electrical system on more than 15 bikes and we encourage every client we build for to choose this upgrade. We don’t feel we have much to offer if we’re just selling parts because it sounds like an easy way to make money! Product of the product!

Lastly, although it’s painstaking at times, building and designing for our customers is a passion and we love to share that passion with you!

So what can you look for in the future from NECtech? We are planning some design changes and once we have our new location open, we hope to offer more bright and shiny things to you as well! As always, we’re here to build with you or alongside you so reach out to us with your questions, comments and smart ass remarks (we do really love the banter)! 😁

Ben and Jess

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