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“How much”??

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

What’s up folks, fellow riders and fellow dreamers! Thought I’d share a few thoughts about building with us. With the recent uptick in activity on IG it‘a become more clear just how many of you are out there. Which is awesome because the community is so amazing. Having said that…

I‘ve had numerous inquiries about builds only to have the first (and seemingly deciding factor) be “How much”? Which leads me to believe either it’s lack research in the vintage bike world, or strictly price shopping. Well we highly suggest you do a little looking before popping the question. I’m guessing your first question to Chip Foose wouldn’t be “cool car man, how much?” Rather you would take in all the elements of design, the hours spent, the features added to the build right? So when your kicking around the idea of a custom built anything, realize that it’s a 1 of 1 build, there will never be another so price is a relatively small piece of the overall puzzle. Life is short…Build the bike.

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