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Distinguished might be a stretch, but...

The Distinguished Gentleman's ride is in support of men's mental health and it couldn't be more appropriate that Ben is riding in the Milwaukee, WI ride this Sunday. We believe in mental health awareness at Never Ending Cycles. Not because it's trendy, not because "it seems like the right thing", but because it's something near and dear to us. We have 5 kids collectively, one son and four daughters and yes we're still here to talk about it. We have said a few times that it would have been fun to raise kids together, but the truth is we had many things to go through and grow through before our 15 year friendship could be the partnership it is today.

Ben and Jess both have had to learn resiliency while dealing with anxiety, depression and PTSD from former relationships and life struggles. Not one of our children have gone unscathed through those relationships ending as well as launching into life while the world is living with fear, confusion and flat out insanity. The many things we have learned through years of therapy, Al-Anon and personal growth is why we now get to be the ying to eachother's yang and manage to be in love and business together.

So, if you're reading this because you love vintage motorcycles or you too have faced mental health crisis, here's what you can do....

  1. Find yourself a therapist. This may take a little time and trying a couple of them to find the right match. Keep looking and don't throw in the towel. If you struggle with addiction or live/have lived with someone who does find your nearest AA or Al-Anon meeting. Your strength is in admitting your weakness! There is nothing more attractive than vulnerability!

  2. Join your local Distinguished Gentleman's ride. It's not too late, there is no cap on how many can ride!

  3. Don't ride? Sponsor someone who is riding! If you'd like to sponsor Never Ending Cycles, click here

Sending our best to you and yours,

Ben and Jess


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