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A Bike For Every Budget

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Honda 750 Four

At Never Ending Cycles we only build motorcycles that can be ridden, that is our passion and will always be our focus. In the beginning of our business we were focused mainly on full resto-mods, stripping every bike down to bare bones and rebuilding them with as many new components as possible. Like every new specialty we have developed, it starts from an opportunity or a need. What we have found in the last 18 months is that people are working with a little less disposable income for fun due to the rising costs of living (don't worry we won't blog about that topic). We don't want that to be the reason people aren't out on the road with their hair and spit blowin' in the wind.

How we have met the need for a lower cost vintage motorcycle is to offer our clients the option for a partial build or to buy used bikes from us as is. Let me first explain the partial build. You could potentially already have a bike that you would just like partially modified. A common partial build we do is to upgrade the electrics with a NECtech system, fabricate a new frame hoop, add a custom Tuffside seat and clean and sync carbs, all dependent on what the budget allows. If you don't already have a bike you're sitting on we will also happily go on the hunt for you and do the same. What you decide to do will depend on your budget and taste and biggest priorities within those things.

Another option we're finding is becoming quite popular for us is to be a finder of sorts for you. It's daunting to buy a vintage bike and make sure you're not getting screwed over. So we have been sharing on Instagram and Facebook great finds we come across. Again these can be partially modified, but often we get them to the shop, make sure they're running ok and get them into your hands.

Our local client base and audience has grown significantly as of late so if you are within driving distance to us these are also opportunities for you to "pick away" so to speak at your resto project. Perhaps year one you get it running and then the next add new wheels, new tank paint, seat, etc. Our new shop will allow us to offer winter motorcycle storage as well which is the perfect time for us to add your next bells and whistles. We have so many options and you may have one to toss our way too, we're always open to hearing our clients ideas!

The best thing to do if you are curious is give us a shout and have a free consult with Ben to figure out what the best option for you is is. Spring is working hard to get here and we're here working hard to get you on the road!

If you did a partial build motorcycle with NEC, what would be your biggest priority?

  • 0%New frame hoop and Tuffside seat

  • 0%NECtech electrics upgrade

  • 0%Clean and sync the carbs and just get me on the road

You can vote for more than one answer.

While you're here reading, save the date! We're having a party with a purpose in our backyard this summer with our awesome neighbors Brewfinity on July 22nd. It will be a bike and car show with beer, food, music, a bags tourney and more. We want to see you and if you have a car or bike to show off, we want to see that too! Learn more at BAGs Fest, Beers and Gears for Cancer.

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