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Answers to Your Burning Questions

How much will a custom bike cost?

We would love to give you a number, that is easy. But the truth is, the process is more complicated. It will depend on the donor bike, and the customizations that make the bike truly YOURS. Give us a message and we can discuss what you are looking for to help understand cost. 

Do you ship bikes?

Yes. The cost of shipping will be an additional cost. There are numerous factors that go into this calculation but it's always amazing to see customers huge smiles as they fire up their bike for the first time. We always strive to ship bikes using the utmost care.

How does your design process work? 

First we decide on the right bike for you. Factors like body weight, height and of course riding style all factor in to choosing the perfect donor bike. We want to make sure your custom vintage motorcycle is the best rideable art for you!
See more here

What is a 'Donor Bike'? 

Simply put, it’s the bike we purchase as our starting point.  Like buying a fixer upper home, we need good bones to build you your dream bike.

What is your process?

I'm always learning. But each bike is slightly different and so are the riders so there is no specific formula. However, I have learned over the course of many builds what works and what does not. See more here

Do you provide repairs?

We love bikes, and we love the community even more.  Although we aren’t a “repair shop”, we will be glad to help you keep your hair blowing in the wind.  From helping diagnose, to advising you how to turn a wrench we are here to help.  Just keep in mind that we may not always be able to drop what we are doing to attend to your issue but we will do our best to keep you on the road.

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