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 The process begins with 

  • General assessment of the frame, swing arm and external components for straightness and integrity 

  • Removal of all unused parts such as seat, lights, rear foot pegs, side covers and air bo

  • Complete disassembly of final drive, chain and brakes

  • Check of all electrical systems/wiring and removal of unused wiring 

  • Check front fork seals, replace if necessary 

  • Remove handle bars, gauges, cables etc.

  • Check carbs for function and drivability…replace and rebuild seals and jets 

  • Fabricate custom battery/electrics box under seat pan

  • Cut existing frame hoop and weld in new frame hoop per design

  • Fabricate various pieces/parts/brackets to hold gauges and lighting as needed per build

  • Sand/scuff and paint frame 

  • Install new front and rear tires

  • Install new brake pads/shoes is wear is beyond spec

  • Install new bearings at wheels and triple clamp 

  • Fabricate and install new LED turn signals/running lights/brake lights

  • Install LED front headlight 

  • Install new handle bars, grips

  • Install bar end mirrors and running turn signals

  • Install new flasher to allow for LED lighting’s function

  • Install new wiring where necessary 

  • Install new seat and seat pan 

  • Install/fabricate new mufflers and brackets 



  • Remove top end and check tolerances of vales and cam chain (replace if out of serviceable range)

  • Replace and worn or leaking gaskets with new

  • Clean and polish/paint/powdercoat various engine components per design 

  • Check and serve clutch and its components. Replace if necessary 

  • Replace chain with new

  • Clean and service transmission final drive components 

  • Clean and lube cables. Replace if necessary 



  • Inspect and clean existing fuel tank and existing paint 

  • Fabricate and/or remove front and rear fenders

  • Inspect headlight bucket and clean existing paint for reuse

  • Apply profession high gloss black paint with gold pinstripe  per design 

  • Powder coat engine cases and various engine parts 

  • Powder coat engine cylinders and various parts per design 



  • Updated NECtech electrical system

  • GSXR front end conversion

  • Powder coated frame 

Our waitlist is currently one year. When the bike gets to the table, build time is typically 2-4 months depending on the project and any unforeseen issues vintage motorcycles may have. These builds are custom one-off builds and each get our entire attention during the process.. We cannot guarantee a build complete time, but we can guarantee that when it is ready, it will be to the highest of standards. We will not let anything leave the shop until it is 100%.


During the build, we will be in contact with you throughout the process, giving you updates with pictures as the build progresses.

Side note on bike modifications. The laws on this will vary between states, provinces and municipalities. It is however, the rider’s responsibility to understand and comply with local laws. The manufacturer, retailer, and builder assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. So please keep that in mind when determining whether, or not to have modifications done to your motorcycle.

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The Build Process

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