CUSTOM VINTAGE MOTORCYCLES and electronic wiring parts

We love to talk all things motorcycle. Give us a call or shoot us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we put the wrench down

I'm seriously giddy to see this bike come together! 

-Erinn and a Work in Progress

The best Resto mod artist of motorcycles!!! Ben is the best! He makes you want perfect!! From the bike to a ground up restoration with modifications to keep the bike current yet bad ass!!

- jcitydoc - 

Just went for a ride, runs like a sewing machine, perfect. ​

- Dave and The Special Forces

I feel like I just burned my bra. Holy f@*k! That note she's throwing is amazing. She's zippy. 

-Bob and The Texan


Why just buy a motorcycle... Have us build a bike the way you want it - for the type of riding and style all your own.

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